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Garland and Foliage Care Instructions

Event In A Couple Days? Follow our Care Instructions and ensure your products freshness

Some of our products prefer to be kept dry and some will benefit from being lightly sprinkled with water and kept damp. Follow our table to figure out how to best take care of your products! 

*** All live products, Dry & Moist, will benefit from being stored in the coolest atmosphere possible. Refrigerators and Walk In  Coolers are outstanding options as long as they are in between the temperatures of 45-60 degrees Fahrenheit and large enough for the box. ***

*** Please keep all live products out of direct sunlight at all times UNLESS the product is being used outdoors. Then the product may be placed/set up prior to the event as close as conveniently possible to the start time of event ***  


Got Bunches, Not Garland?

Moist Items OR Items Found on Left Side of the Above Table

All of the bunches of product that can be found in the left section of the table above, or found in the "moist" section can ALL be put with the stems in water to be kept fresh. If that's not an option then keep them as cool possible. If a cooler or refrigerator is available that is outstanding (less than 60 degrees F and above 45 degrees F)

Dry Items OR Items Found on the Right Side of the Above Table

These items all need to their foliage to be kept dry. If its an option to put the stems in water, that is acceptable BUT the leaves need to be kept dry or you will see heavy water spots on all of these items. Once water spots are created a fungus can grow on them decreasing their shelf life tremendously. As with the moist, damp options these foliages also benefit from being put in a cooler or refrigerator as long as the temperatures are kept no (ess than 60 degrees F and above 45 degrees F.