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Hemp Leaves

Price per foot/price per Bunch:

Regular price $41.25
Regular price Sale price $41.25

30 Large Leaves $1.50 each

30 Regular Leaves $1.25 each

100 Large Leaves $1.25 each

100 Regular Leaves $1 each

Approximate Sizes:

Large 5”+

Regular 3”-5”

The Garland Guy is proud to be offering farm fresh Hemp Leaves. We have dialed in the process of producing fresh hemp leaves for the floral and décor industry! After many many years of producing cut greens, tropical leaves and fresh garlands we are pushing the use of hemp leaves to be used as event décor and will continue to do so!

These hemp leaves are grown under complete compliance with the farm bill and are able to be shipped to the lower 48 states.

All plants have been tested and proven to be less than .3% THC. Our nationally recognized Certificate of Analysis will be provided in each and every shipment.

Biggest Questions About Hemp Leaves

  • Are they legal? Yes due to the 2018 Farm Bill passed the U.S. Government we are able to ship these leaves, which derive from plants tested to be below the .3% thc threshold to the lower 48 states
  • How to use them? We are currently offering them in our garlands and wreaths. Also we supply the floral industry to brides to want to have the wedding of their dreams! Whether used in floral arrangements, scattered loosely amongst tables or even used as drink garnishes. We have a great fresh product for you!
  • Can they be shipped to my state? According to the Farm Bill which legalizes the cultivation and sale of Hemp, at the Federal level, hemp (defined as cannabis with a thc content LESS THAN .3%) can be shipped to the lower 48 states :)
  • How long will it take to receive my leaves? ALL of The Garland Guys products are shipped overnight to ensure that our customers receive the freshest product available.
  • How do I know these leaves will be fresh upon arrival? All of our hemp leaves will be delivered to our customers with water tubes on their stems to ensure that the product remains as fresh as absolutely possible.
  • How long do the leaves last? The leaves will look excellent for up to approximately 10 days if left in the water tubes. Once removed from the tubes the leaves look the freshest if used in the next 24 hours





Shipping Information:

Because all of our items are real & fresh, we require they are shipped overnight to keep them as fresh as possible! Upon shipment you will be sent confirmation and a FedEx tracking number. Once picked up by the carrier, we are not responsible for delays caused by the carrier, lost packages, incorrect addresses, or agricultural holds.

Product Variations

Product variations:
-Leaf shape, sizes and color may vary depending on the time of the year.
-Although we strive to provide the best quality product, keep in mind all foliage  is grown outside and may have some naturally occurring blemishes.

Garland Measurements

Garland measurements:

Price is per foot.

Our regular grade garlands are between 5-7” wide (listed prices). An extra full upgrade is available which is 8-10” wide, for $2/ft up charge, which can be found HERE.

Processing Time

Please allow time for our 7 day processing period for orders under 50', and 14 day processing period on orders over 50'. If you need the order before that please be sure to add the "rush my order" listing, which can be found HERE.

How To Order Garland:

  • Step One:

    Measure/decide how much garland you are needing.

  • Step Two:

    Add the total quantity of your desired foliage to your cart along with any other items needed. All listed prices are per foot.

  • Step Three:

    Add your individual lengths needed as well as your desired arrival date in the box on the cart page.

  • Step Four:

    Sit back and wait for your beautiful order to come in!